A.106 EPC Decisions subject to appeal

An appeal shall lie from decisions of the Receiving Section, Examining Divisions, Opposition Divisions and the Legal Division. It shall have suspensive effect. 
A decision which does not terminate proceedings as regards one of the parties can only be appealed together with the final decision, unless the decision allows a separate appeal. 
The right to file an appeal against decisions relating to the apportionment or fixing of costs in opposition proceedings may be restricted in the Implementing Regulations. 
[ Art. 104 112a R. 88 97 98 101 111 142 ]
Amended by the Act revising the European Patent Convention of 29.11.2000. 
See decisions/opinions of the Enlarged Board of Appeal G 1/90, G 1/99, G 1/02, G 3/03 (Annex I).

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