About XEPC

About the author

XEPC is created by Harm van der Heijden. Harm is a licensed Dutch and European Patent Attorney and practices for a leading Intellectual Property firm in the Netherlands.

XEPC is started as a hobby project that has become a genuinely useful tool (at least that's what the author thinks) for researching patent laws and finding quick answers.

The author hopes you find it useful, too. You can drop him a line at harm@xepc.eu.

About the software and contents

This website could not exist without high-quality Open Source software: Apache, PHP, Drupal, MySQL, Python, Beautiful Soup, pdfminer3k, and many other packages.

And of course this site could also not exist without the extensive documentation made available by EPO and WIPO. (Note: XEPC adheres to the terms of the EPO relating to Copyright by reproducing the EPO content as-is and stating the source of the content in the "source" field.)