R.30 EPC Requirements of European patent applications relating to nucleotide and amino acid sequences

If nucleotide or amino acid sequences are disclosed in the European patent application, the description shall contain a sequence listing conforming to the rules laid down by the President of the European Patent Office for the standardised representation of nucleotide and amino acid sequences. 
A sequence listing filed after the date of filing shall not form part of the description. 
Where the applicant has not filed a sequence listing complying with the requirements under paragraph 1 at the date of filing, the European Patent Office shall invite the applicant to furnish such a sequence listing and pay the late furnishing fee. If the applicant does not furnish the required sequence listing and pay the required late furnishing fee within a period of two months after such an invitation, the application shall be refused.
[ Art. 56 57 80 R. 42 ]
See decision of the President of the EPO, OJ EPO 2011, 372 and the notice from the EPO, OJ EPO 2013, 542.

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