R.102 EPC Form of decision of the Board of Appeal

The decision shall be authenticated by the Chairman of the Board of Appeal and by the competent employee of the registry of the Board of Appeal, either by their signature or by any other appropriate means.[ 120 ] The decision shall contain:
a statement that it was delivered by the Board of Appeal; 
the date when the decision was taken; 
the names of the Chairman and of the other members of the Board of Appeal taking part; 
the names of the parties and their representatives; 
the requests of the parties; 
a summary of the facts; 
the reasons; 
the order of the Board of Appeal, including, where appropriate, a decision on costs. 
[ Art. 110 111 ]
See decision of the Enlarged Board of Appeal G 1/05 (Annex I).
See notice from the Vice-President DG 3 of 15.12.2011 (OJ EPO 2012, 14).

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