GL-PCT A III 3 Methods of payment

Fee payments to the EPO may be validly made by anyone: applicants, agents and any other person.[Rules 14.1(c); 15.3; 16.1(f); 57.2; 96.1; OJ EPO 2015, A53; OJ EPO 2017, A100; ]
All fees which are to be paid to the EPO must be paid in euros:
– by payment or transfer to a bank account held by the EPO; or
since 1 December 2017 by credit card; or[OJ EPO 2017, A72; A73; ]
– by debiting a deposit account held with the EPO on the basis of a debit order filed in an electronically processable format (XML) using one of the accepted electronic means of filing, i.e. the EPO Online Filing software, new online filing (CMS), the Online Fee Payment service, PCT-SAFE or ePCT. Details of this means of payment may be found in the Arrangements for deposit accounts (ADA) and their annexes, which can also be found on the EPO website ([Supplementary publication 5, OJ EPO 2017; ]]]
Payment of fees by cheque delivered or sent directly to the EPO was abolished with effect from 1 April 2008.[]
The date to be considered as the date on which a payment is made is established in accordance with the EPO's Rules relating to Fees.[Art. 7(1) RFees; ]

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