T 1100/10 (Detergent Bacillus lentus subtilisin protease egg stains/BASF) of 18.3.2014

European Case Law Identifier: ECLI:EP:BA:2014:T110010.20140318
Date of decision: 18 March 2014
Case number: T 1100/10
Application number: 95912559.2
IPC class: C12N 15/57
C12N 9/52
C12N 9/54
C12N 9/56
C11D 3/386
Language of proceedings: EN
Distribution: B
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Versions: Unpublished
Applicant name: BASF SE
Opponent name: Novozymes A/S
Danisco US Inc.
Board: 3.3.08
Headnote: -
Relevant legal provisions:
European Patent Convention Art 15
European Patent Convention Art 23(4)
European Patent Convention Art 35(1)
European Patent Convention Art 54
European Patent Convention Art 56
European Patent Convention Art 83
European Patent Convention Art 84
European Patent Convention Art 112(1)(a)
European Patent Convention Art 113
European Patent Convention Art 114(2)
European Patent Convention R 12(1)
Rules of procedure of the Boards of Appeal Art 12(4)
Rules of procedure of the Boards of Appeal Art 13(1)
European Patent Convention R 12(3)
European Patent Convention R 116(1)
Keywords: Admissibility of the Main Request and of Auxiliary Requests 1 and 2 (no); Admissibility of Auxiliary Request 3 (yes);
Referral to the Enlarged Board of Appeal (no);
Auxiliary Request 3 - requirements of the EPC (yes);

Although the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal (RPBA) are drafted and adopted by the Presidium, it is the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation which decides to approve the RPBA. Only thereby the RPBA enter into force to be applied by the Boards of Appeal (cf. points (9) to (14) of the Reasons for the Decision).

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