R.29 PCT International Applications Considered Withdrawn

29.1       Finding by Receiving Office

If the receiving Office declares, under Article 14(1)(b) and Rule 26.5 (failure to correct certain defects), or under Article 14(3)(a) (failure to pay the prescribed fees under Rule 27.1(a)), or under Article 14(4) (later finding of non-compliance with the requirements listed in items (i) to (iii) of Article 11(1)), or under Rule 12.3(d) or 12.4(d) (failure to furnish a required translation or, where applicable, to pay a late furnishing fee), or under Rule 92.4(g)(i) (failure to furnish the original of a document), that the international application is consided withdrawn:

(i)  the receiving Office shall transmit the record copy (unless already transmitted), and any correction offered by the applicant, to the International Bureau;

(ii)  the receiving Office shall promptly notify both the applicant and the International Bureau of the said declaration, and the International Bureau shall in turn notify each designated Office which has already been notified of its designation;

(iii)  the receiving Office shall not transmit the search copy as provided in Rule 23, or, if such copy has already been transmitted, it shall notify the International Searching Authority of the said declaration;

(iv)  the International Bureau shall not be required to notify the applicant of the receipt of the record copy;

(v)  no international publication of the international application shall be effected if the notification of the said declaration transmitted by the receiving Office reaches the International Bureau before the technical preparations for international publication have been completed.

29.2       [Deleted]

29.3       Calling Certain Facts to the Attention of the Receiving Office

If the International Bureau or the International Searching Authority considers that the receiving Office should make a finding under Article 14(4), it shall call the relevant facts to the attention of the receiving Office.

29.4       Notification of Intent to Make Declaration under Article 14(4)

(a)  Before the receiving Office issues any declaration under Article 14(4), it shall notify the applicant of its intent to issue such declaration and the reasons therefor. The applicant may, if he disagrees with the tentative finding of the receiving Office, submit arguments to that effect within two months from the date of the notification.

(b)  Where the receiving Office intends to issue a declaration under Article 14(4) in respect of an element mentioned in Article 11(1)(iii)(d) or (e), the receiving Office shall, in the notification referred to in paragraph (a) of this Rule, invite the applicant to confirm in accordance with Rule 20.6(a) that the element is incorporated by reference under Rule 4.18. For the purposes of Rule 20.7(a)(i), the invitation sent to the applicant under this paragraph shall be considered to be an invitation under Rule 20.3(a)(ii).

(c)  Paragraph (b) shall not apply where the receiving Office has informed the International Bureau in accordance with Rule 20.8(a) of the incompatibility of Rules 20.3(a)(ii) and (b)(ii) and 20.6 with the national law applied by that Office.

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Date retrieved: 17 May 2021

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