R.51 PCT Review by Designated Offices

51.1       Time Limit for Presenting the Request to Send Copies

The time limit referred to in Article 25(1)(c) shall be two months computed from the date of the notification sent to the applicant under Rule 20.4(i), 24.2(c), or 29.1(ii).

51.2       Copy of the Notification

Where the applicant, after having received a negative determination under Article 11(1), requests the International Bureau, under Article 25(1), to send copies of the file of the purported international application to any of the named Offices he has attempted to designate, he shall attach to his request a copy of the notification referred to in Rule 20.4(i).

51.3       Time Limit for Paying National Fee and Furnishing Translation

The time limit referred to in Article 25(2)(a) shall expire at the same time as the time limit prescribed in Rule 51.1.

Source: http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/texts/articles/r51.htm

Date retrieved: 30 December 2018

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