OJ EPO SE 1/2019, p1 - I. Notice concerning the composition of the Presidium of the Boards of Appeal for 2018/2019

With effect from 1 January 2019 the composition of the Presidium of the Boards of Appeal pursuant to Rule 12b of the Implementing Regulations of the European Patent Convention, as amended by decision CA/D 6/16 of the Administrative Council of 30 June 2016, which entered into force on 1 July 2016 (see OJ EPO 2016, A100), is as follows:


Carl Josefsson (SE)


(a) pursuant to Rule 12b, paragraph 1:

Paola Acton (IT)

Gabriele Alt (DE)

Ingo Beckedorf (DE)

Fritz Blumer (CH)

William Chandler (GB)

Gary Flyng (GB)

Guy Glod (LU)

Michael Harrison (GB)

Eleni Kossonakou (GR)

Petra Schmitz (DE)

Daniele Semino (IT)

Pascal Weber (FR)

(b) pursuant to Rule 12b, paragraph 4, extended to:

Graham Ashley (GB)

Roland Bekkering (NL)

Ernst Bendl (AT)

Albert de Vries (NL)

Eugène Dufrasne (BE)

Gunnar Eliasson (SE)

Pascal Gryczka (FR)

Christian Kunzelmann (CH)

Albert Lindner (DE)

Richard Lord (GB)

Rainer Moufang (DE)

Marcus O. Müller (DE)

Michael Poock (DE)

Giovanni Pricolo (IT)

Joseph Riolo (FR)

Andrea Ritzka (DE)

Jean-Michel Schwaller (FR)

Paul Scriven (GB)

Wolfgang Sekretaruk (DE)

Werner Sieber (DE)

Beat Stolz (CH)

Fred van der Voort (NL).


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