OJ EPO 2018, A99 - Notice from the Examination Secretariat for the European qualifying examination – Compulsory registration prior to first-time enrolment to the EQE

In accordance with Article 11(1) of the Regulation on the European qualifying examination (REE) and Rule 28 of the implementing provisions to the Regulation on the European qualifying examination (IPREE), candidates intending to enrol for the European qualifying examination (EQE) for the first time must register once they have commenced their professional activity within the meaning of Article 11(2) REE.

Consequently, candidates are expected to register shortly after they have started the relevant professional activity.

Enrolment to the pre-examination will only be open for candidates who have registered at the latest by 15 January of the year in which they intend to enrol for the pre-examination.

Candidates who have not registered by this deadline will not be able to enrol for the pre-examination. Only duly registered candidates can be granted access to the enrolment portal.

Candidates must upload all supporting documents to the web portal within 10 days after filing the request for registration. These documents must be complete and fully sufficient to substantiate the request. Enrolment for the pre-examination will not be possible for candidates whose requests for registration are still incomplete or where further consultation is required.

Registration is only possible online as described in OJ EPO 2017, A24. More detailed information can be found on the EQE website (www.epo.org/eqe).

It is the sole responsibility of the candidates to ensure that registration requests are submitted as early as possible and that all necessary documents are provided on time. Therefore candidates are strongly advised to register immediately upon starting their training activities.

This Notice replaces the Notice published in OJ EPO 2017, A78.


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