OJ EPO 2018, A103 - FR France

Payment of renewal fees for patents

Applicants for and proprietors of European patents with effect in France are advised that from 2 October 2018 the following rules apply:

1. National provisions

Fees Ord. of 24.4.08
DG Dec. No. 2018-137

2. Payee – bank details

I.N.P.I. Agence Comptable
Trésor Public
Direction régionale des finances publiques – Île-de-France et département de Paris (DRFIP)
94 rue Réaumur
75002 PARIS

3. Methods of payment

Renewal fee payments are only accepted in electronic form using the dedicated interface on the INPI website (https://eprocedures.inpi.fr).

Electronic payment of renewal fees may be made:

(a) by an order to debit an INPI customer account


(b) by payment by debit card

4. Date considered as the effective payment date

Date of payment made online

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