OJ EPO 2018, A75 - Entrance to the new building of the European Patent Office in The Hague – information for visitors and parties attending oral proceedings

As of 8 October 2018, the EPO's new building in The Hague will be accessed through the new main entrance on the Veraartlaan, where the new visitors' car park is situated. The entrance to the old main building and the temporary entrance at Van Benthemlaan 16 will be closed. Parties attending oral proceedings must first report to the new reception desk and then go through the usual security checks before heading to their meeting room. Since the distances to be covered within the new building may be longer, visitors are advised to arrive as early as possible to ensure they have enough time.

For practical information, consult the webpages on www.epo.org/service-support/contact-us/the-hague.html.