OJ EPO SE 1/2016, p11 - II.2 - Business distribution scheme of the Legal Board of Appeal for the year 2016

The Presidium,

pursuant to Rule 12, paragraph 4, of the Implementing Regulations to the European Patent Convention,

having regard to Article 1, paragraph 1, of the Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal,

hereby adopts the following business distribution scheme:

Article 1

Members of the Legal Board of Appeal

The Legal Board of Appeal is composed as follows:


Claude Vallet


Marie-Bernadette Tardo-Dino[ 1 ]

Gérard Weiss

Rainer Moufang

Eugène Dufrasne

Tamás Bokor

Christopher Heath

Bernhard Müller

David Rogers

Petra Schmitz

Wolfgang Sekretaruk

Theodora Karamanli

Ingo Beckedorf

Claus-Peter Brandt

Fritz Blumer

Jean Geschwind

Lukas Bühler

Dorothea Prietzel-Funk

David Keeling

Robert Cramer

Eleni Kossonakou

Christof Schmidt

Wilhelm Ungler

Peter Guntz

Sofía Fernández de Córdoba

Olga Loizou

Martina Blasi

7 vacant posts.

Article 2

Composition of the board for a particular appeal

(1) On receipt of an appeal by the registry, the Chairman shall determine the composition of the board responsible for deciding it from amongst the Board members.

(2) In determining the composition the Chairman shall in particular take account of the workload of each member and the language requirements of the case.

(3) Where appeals pending before the Board are closely linked, in particular by involving similar legal or factual questions, the Chairman may order that the board shall decide in the same composition.

(4) If a member cannot or can no longer participate in a case for which he has been designated, the Chairman shall designate another member of the Board to replace that member, having regard in particular to the criteria indicated in paragraph 2.

Article 3

Term of validity

This business distribution scheme shall apply from 1 January 2016 until 31 December 2016.

Done at Munich on 7 December 2015

For the Presidium

The Chairman




[ 1 ] Deputy to the Chairman; if not available, to be replaced by the next available member from the list.