J 0015/13 (Resumption of Proceedings for Grant) of 9.5.2014

European Case Law Identifier: ECLI:EP:BA:2014:J001513.20140509
Date of decision: 09 May 2014
Case number: J 0015/13
Application number: 10180655.2
IPC class: A23K 1/00
A23K 1/165
Language of proceedings: EN
Distribution: C
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Bibliographic information is available in: EN
Versions: Unpublished
Title of application: Phytase granules in animal feeds
Applicant name: Novozymes A/S
Third Party: Danisco US Inc.
Opponent name: -
Board: 3.1.01
Headnote: -
Relevant legal provisions:
European Patent Convention Art 61(1)
European Patent Convention Art 108
European Patent Convention Art 164(1)
European Patent Convention R 14(1)
European Patent Convention R 14(3)
European Patent Convention R 71(3)
European Patent Convention Art 99
Keywords: "Stay of proceedings for grant"
"Resumption of proceedings for grant"
"Continuation of suspended proceedings/weighing of interests"
"duration of suspension"
"competence of the EPO to consider whether a national law suit is an entitlement proceeding within the meening of Article 61(1) EPC - Yes"


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