GL-PCT E III 3 PPH based on an IPER established by the EPO as IPEA

Under the PPH pilot programme, a PPH request can also be based on an IPER established by the EPO as IPEA. The procedures and requirements for filing a request with the EPO's PPH partner offices are available from their respective websites.[OJ EPO 2016, A44; OJ EPO 2017, A107; OJ EPO 2017, A108; OJ EPO 2017, A110; OJ EPO 2019, A58; OJ EPO 2019, A78; OJ EPO 2019, A106; OJ EPO 2019, A107; OJ EPO 2020, A11; OJ EPO 2020, A21; OJ EPO 2020, A82; OJ EPO 2020, A83; OJ EPO 2020, A114; ]
Irrespective of the PPH pilot programme, any applicant may request accelerated examination under the PACE programme in the procedure before the EPO as elected Office at any time. See GL/EPO E‑VIII, 4.2.[OJ EPO 2015, A93; ]

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