GL-PCT E III 2 PPH based on a WO‑ISA established by the EPO as ISA

Where the EPO is the ISA and the international application contains claims that are determined to be patentable/allowable by the EPO as ISA, the applicant may under the PPH pilot programme request accelerated examination at the EPO's PPH partner offices when the application has entered the national phase before these offices. The procedures and requirements for filing a request with the EPO's PPH partner offices are available from their respective websites.[OJ EPO 2016, A44; OJ EPO 2017, A107; OJ EPO 2017, A108; OJ EPO 2017, A110; OJ EPO 2019, A58; OJ EPO 2019, A78; OJ EPO 2019, A106; OJ EPO 2019, A107; OJ EPO 2020, A11; OJ EPO 2020, A21; OJ EPO 2020, A82; OJ EPO 2020, A83; OJ EPO 2020, A114; ]
Irrespective of the PPH pilot programme, any applicant may request accelerated examination under the PACE programme in the procedure before the EPO as designated Office at any time. See GL/EPO E‑VIII, 4.2.[OJ EPO 2015, A93; ]

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