OJ EPO SE 1/2021, p126 - XIII.1 - Responsibilities of the Legal Division

Originally published in OJ EPO 2013, 600:

Decision of the President of the European Patent Office dated 21 November 2013 concerning the responsibilities of the Legal Division

The President of the European Patent Office, having regard to Article 20 and Rule 11(2) EPC, has decided as follows:

1. Sole responsibility for the following duties shall be vested in the Legal Division:

1.1 Registers of representatives

(a) Entry on, and deletion from, the list of professional representatives (Article 134(1) to (7) and Rule 154 EPC; Articles 4(1)(d) and (e) and 28(2) RDR).

(b) Registration and deletion of associations (Rule 152(11) EPC).

(c) Registration and deletion of legal practitioners (Article 134(8) EPC).

(d) Registration and deletion of general authorisations (Article 133(3), first sentence, Rule 152(4) and (5) EPC).

1.2 European Patent Register

(a) Procedure where the applicant or proprietor is not entitled (Articles 61(1)(a) and 99(4), Rules 141516 and 78 EPC).

(b) Interruption and resumption of proceedings (Rule 142 EPC).

(c) Registration and cancellation of licences and other rights (Articles 71, 73 and 74, Rules 23 and 24 EPC).

(d) Registration of transfers and changes of name (Articles 71, 72 and 74, Rules 22 and 85 EPC).

(e) Rectification of the designation of an inventor (Rule 21 EPC).

2. This decision shall enter into force on 1 January 2014.

Done at Munich, 21 November 2013




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