OJ EPO 2020, A112 - IT Italy

Corrigendum, OJ EPO September 2016 (A81)

In the article on the payment of fees relating to European patents with effect in Italy (OJ EPO 2016, A81), an incorrect IBAN number was published under point 1(b) "Payee - bank details, payments made from other euro-zone states" (IT09 Z010 0003 2453 8008 1217 01). The correct number is as follows: IT09 Z010 0003 2453 4800 8121 701.

The correction of the IBAN number was made in both the HTML and PDF versions of the Official Journal as identified by an editorial note of the Official Journal. The officially certified PDF file of the Official Journal's 9/2016 edition containing the relevant article on the payment of patent fees in Italy (A81) has been replaced with the corrected version.

The EPO's information brochure "National law in relation to the EPC" contains the correct information on the IBAN number in Table VIII, point 2(b) in both of its versions (PDF and HTML).


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