OJ EPO 2018, A41 - CEIPI/ epi

Basic training in European patent law

1. The basic course provides a systematic and comprehensive introduction to the law and practice of the European patent system. Over the years, the CEIPI (Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies) and the epi (Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office) have together devised a basic training programme in European patent law designed primarily for prospective professional representatives before the EPO.

2. The basic training courses in European patent law are jointly prepared by the epi and the CEIPI and organised by the CEIPI. They take usually two years starting either in the autumn or at the beginning of the year (see par. 10).

3. Altogether 40 courses are currently available in the following cities:

AT: Vienna

BE: Antwerp, Brussels

CH: Basel, Lausanne, Zurich

CZ: Prague

DE: Aachen, Berlin, Cologne, Darmstadt, Düsseldorf, Hanover, Ludwigshafen, Munich, Stuttgart, Ulm

DK: Copenhagen

ES: Barcelona, Madrid

FI: Helsinki

FR: Lyon, Paris

GB: London, Manchester

HR: Zagreb

HU: Budapest

IE: Dublin

IT: Milan, Rome

LT: Vilnius

LV: Riga

NL: The Hague

PL: Cracow, Warsaw

PT: Lisbon

RO: Bucharest

SE: Stockholm

SI: Ljubljana

TR: Istanbul

4. The basic training scheme, which is also intended to help candidates to prepare for the European qualifying examination, lasts usually two years and is designed to accompany professional practice, starting shortly after the future patent specialist has begun training with a professional representative or patent department. Students may also be admitted to most courses after the first year.

5. The basic training courses take the form of private study directed and actively supported by local "tutors", all experienced specialists in European patent law, who, according to a schedule published before the start of the course, discuss topics and cases previously prepared by participants, answer questions and set further topics for study. The success of the "tutorial" depends on the active co-operation of the trainees with their own presentations and case studies.

6. The list of topics to be covered encompasses the whole European patent law and qualifying examination syllabus and indicates the reference material to be used. Training material as well as publications and further documents are also made available. The tutors regularly receive circular letters and further training material.

Several courses offer complementary activities, such as a visit to the Federal Court in Karlsruhe, the participation in oral proceedings at the European Patent Office, mock trials, courses on particular topics such as claim drafting, etc.

7. Tutors' meetings take place over two days every year at Strasbourg University to discuss in the light of experience how best to structure the courses.

8. On completion of the basic course, candidates are expected to round off their training and prepare for the European qualifying examination (EQE) through private study. Special courses are available, such as the epi tutorials and the five-day CEIPI preparation seminars for the EQE pre-examination and main examination, held in Strasbourg (Paper D in January, Papers A+B, C and pre-exam seminar in November, see the OJ EPO), plus a variety of national courses.

9. Different from other courses, the CEIPI basic training in European patent law does not concentrate solely on the preparation for the EQE, but this training provides candidates with a broad grounding in European patent law and its international ramifications.

10. Courses start either in September/ October or at the beginning of the year, if there is a minimum of six participants in each case and suitable tutors available. For further information about the course schedule and organization please refer to our website www.ceipi.edu or contact the CEIPI office.

For 2018/19, the fee is EUR 1 600 per year of studies (EUR 3 200 for the intensive one-year courses).

11. To enable the next round of courses to be organised in good time, those interested are asked to contact the CEIPI as soon as possible and in any event not later than 13 July 2018 for enrolments for the courses starting in autumn, and 14 December 2018 for the courses starting in early 2019. In case of early enrolments (by 1 July 2018 for the courses starting in autumn, by 1 December 2018 for the courses starting in early 2019), a reduced fee is applicable.

Please apply via our website www.ceipi.edu under Training in European patent law and preparation for the EQE / EQF.

The CEIPI Office can give you any further information you need.

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