OJ EPO 2016, A15 - Events: Search Matters and Examination Matters 2016

"Search Matters" and "Examination Matters", two major EPO conferences for patent law firms, will be held in The Hague in June 2016.

"Search Matters", on 9 and 10 June, is a unique two-day seminar offering patent search professionals an unrivalled look behind the scenes at the EPO. It will showcase the EPO's patent search strategies and techniques and feature workshops on top issues run by experienced patent examiners. On 8 June, before the actual start of the event, a number of participants will get the chance to talk to individual EPO examiners one on one and question them about how they search in specific technical areas. The 24 workshops will focus on general topics, as well as covering special areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and Asian prior art. More information and registration

On 14 and 15 June, "Examination Matters" will give patent attorneys a chance to learn more about the EPO's patent examination processes through presentations and workshops. During face-to-face discussions with EPO examiners, lawyers and specialist European patent attorneys, the participants will get an opportunity to find out first-hand about the work of the examiner, technical and procedural aspects, and the latest developments in European patent law. The event is organised with the support of the epi. More information and registration