OJ EPO 2016, A10 - LV Latvia

New fee rates

The Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia has informed us that some patent fees have been changed. [ 1 ]

Applicants for and proprietors of European patents with effect in Latvia are advised that from 1 January 2016 the rates below apply.

1. Publication or correction of translations of the claims pursuant to Article 67(3) EPC: EUR 50 (if filed on paper) or EUR 40 (if filed electronically)

2. Publication or correction of translations of the patent under Article 65 EPC: EUR 50 (if filed on paper) or EUR 40 (if filed electronically)

3. Renewal fees:



3rd year 


4th year 


5th year 


6th year 


7th year 


8th year 


9th year 


10th-15th year 


16th-20th year 


4. Conversion of European patent applications or patents into national patent applications or patents:

Filing fee: EUR 120

5. Registering transfers, licences and other rights: EUR 40 per patent

Payment of fees

The bank account for renewal fees and other fees concerning European patents in Latvia has also changed as follows:

Payee: LR Patentu valde Reg. No. 90000042944

Citadeles iela 7/70

1010 Riga

Name and address of the bank:

Treasury of the Republic of Latvia

Smilšu iela 1

1919 Riga


IBAN: LV43 TREL 9190 4620 1500 B

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[ 1 ] Vēstnesis No. 248 (5566), 18.12.2015.