GL-PCT FOREWORD 2.4 Further sources of information

Regularly updated general information on the EPO and specific information on the procedures before the EPO as receiving Office, International Authority (ISA, SISA and IPEA) and designated/elected Office under the PCT is provided in the Annexes to the WIPO PCT Guide[ 3 ]. Relevant information is also provided on the EPO website[ 4 ] and in the EPO's Official Journal ("OJ"), which is published in electronic form only[ 5 ].
Up-to-date news about the PCT is available on the WIPO website and also from the PCT Newsletter and the Official Notices (PCT Gazette), both published in electronic form by WIPO[ 6 ].
Applicants desiring further information about the PCT procedure in the international phase are advised to consult the Administrative Instructions under the PCT ("AI")[ 7 ], the PCT Receiving Office Guidelines ("GL/RO") and the PCT International Search and Preliminary Examination Guidelines ("ISPE Guidelines", "GL/ISPE"), all available on the WIPO website.
Official Notices (PCT Gazette):

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