GA C2.24.6 2.24.6.

What happens if fees are paid late? 
If no fees are paid within the prescribed time limits (see point 2.24.004), or if the amounts paid are not sufficient to cover the fees due, the EPO invites the applicant to pay the missing amount together with a late payment fee of 50% of the amount of unpaid fees but at least an amount equal to the transmittal fee.
OJ 1992, 383
WIPO PCT Guide 5.193-5.196 
PCT Newsletter 5/2015, 10 
The late filing fee may not exceed the amount of 50% of the international filing fee as specified in the PCT Schedule of Fees, without taking into account any fee due for each page of the international application in excess of 30 pages. 
If the applicant fails to pay the prescribed fees together with the late payment fee within one month of the date of the invitation, the international application will be considered withdrawn and the receiving Office will so declare. 

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