A.58 PCT Regulations

(1)  The Regulations annexed to this Treaty provide Rules:

(i)  concerning matters in respect of which this Treaty expressly refers to the Regulations or expressly provides that they are or shall be prescribed,

(ii)  concerning any administrative requirements, matters, or procedures,

(iii)  concerning any details useful in the implementation of the provisions of this Treaty.

(2)(a)  The Assembly may amend the Regulations.

(b)  Subject to the provisions of paragraph (3), amendments shall require three-fourths of the votes cast.

(3)(a)  The Regulations specify the Rules which may be amended

(i)  only by unanimous consent, or

(ii)  only if none of the Contracting States whose national Office acts as an International Searching or Preliminary Examining Authority dissents, and, where such Authority is an intergovernmental organization, if the Contracting State member of that organization authorized for that purpose by the other member States within the competent body of such organization does not dissent.

(b)  Exclusion, for the future, of any such Rules from the applicable requirement shall require the fulfillment of the conditions referred to in subparagraph (a)(i) or (a)(ii), respectively.

(c)  Inclusion, for the future, of any Rule in one or the other of the requirements referred to in subparagraph (a) shall require unanimous consent.

(4)  The Regulations provide for the establishment, under the control of the Assembly, of Administrative Instructions by the Director General.

(5)  In the case of conflict between the provisions of the Treaty and those of the Regulations, the provisions of the Treaty shall prevail.

Source: http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/texts/articles/a58.htm

Date retrieved: 17 May 2021

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