T 0667/08 () of 20.4.2012

European Case Law Identifier: ECLI:EP:BA:2012:T066708.20120420
Date of decision: 20 April 2012
Case number: T 0667/08
Application number: 05012854.5
IPC class: H01Q 1/36
H01Q 1/24
H01Q 1/38
H01Q 9/04
Language of proceedings: EN
Distribution: B
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Title of application: Space-filling miniature antennas
Applicant name: Fractus, S.A.
Opponent name: -
Board: 3.4.01
Headnote: -
Relevant legal provisions:
European Patent Convention Art 123(2)
European Patent Convention 1973 Art 84
European Patent Convention 1973 Art 54
European Patent Convention 1973 Art 56
European Patent Convention 1973 R 27(1)(e)
Keywords: Added subject-matter

It is essential, when deciding on issues of added subject-matter, to identify the actual teaching conveyed by the original disclosure, i.e. the technical information that the skilled person reading the original disclosure would have derived from its content (description, claims and drawings) considered in its entirety. This approach might lead to the identification of subject-matter which has not been explicitly revealed as such in the application as filed, but nevertheless derives directly and unambiguously from its content. Literal support is not required by the wording of Article 123(2) EPC (cf. Reasons, point 4.1.4).

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