OJ EPO 2016, A52 - New edition of publications of the EPO

New edition of the "Guide for applicants", 16th edition – (May 2016)

An updated version (16th edition) of the EPO Guide for applicants "How to get a European patent" has been published by the EPO, taking into account amendments up to March 2016.

New edition of the "Euro-PCT Guide", 9th edition – January 2016

The 9th edition of the EPO guide for applicants "Euro-PCT Guide: PCT procedure at the EPO" has been published by the EPO, taking into account modifications up to January 2016.

National law relating to the EPC

The information brochure "National law relating to the EPC" has been revised in agreement with the EPC contracting and extension states. The 17th edition of this brochure (September 2015) is available only online as a printable PDF file on the EPO website.

In addition, the HTML version of this brochure is updated whenever the EPO learns of any changes at national level (www.epo.org/law-practice/legal-texts/national-law.html).

A new revision will take place by the end of the year (including the new validation states).


The "Guide for applicants" (16th edition – May 2016) and the "Euro-PCT Guide" (9th edition – January 2016) are available free of charge at the EPO in Munich, Vienna, The Hague and Berlin.

They can also be ordered free of charge from the sub-office in Vienna (https://forms.epo.org/service-support/ordering/books-order-form.html).