OJ EPO 2016, A51 - Notice from the European Patent Office concerning publication of the "Ancillary Regulations to the European Patent Convention" – 2016 edition

Many provisions of the EPC and its Implementing Regulations empower the President of the European Patent Office to take decisions concerning legal or technical details of the proceedings before the EPO. These powers are also implicit in the overall managerial responsibility conferred upon the President.

These ancillary regulations to the EPC are being published in supplementary publication 4 of the Official Journal EPO 2016. This update contains presidential decisions and EPO notices of particular importance for patent practitioners, together with selected Administrative Council decisions and other relevant texts.

Together with the 16th edition of the EPC, which contains references to the decisions and notices concerned, this OJ supplementary publication provides a handy but comprehensive overview of current European patent law.

It can be ordered from the sub-office in Vienna, which is responsible for supplying EPO publications.


The price of the "Ancillary Regulations to the European Patent Convention" – 2016 edition is EUR 95 (including postage and packing).