OJ EPO 2014, A90 - Construction works for the new building of the European Patent Office in The Hague – information for visitors and parties attending oral proceedings

Construction works for the new EPO building in The Hague started in spring 2014. In the course of autumn 2014, the main entrance (Patentlaan 2) as well as the visitors' car park will be relocated. The alternative entrances will be clearly signposted and will be provided with the regular reception and security services. Unless otherwise specified in the summons, parties attending oral proceedings during examination or opposition proceedings are advised to take the re-routing to the new temporary entrance at Van Benthemlaan 16 into account and, accordingly, plan their arrival at the EPO in good time before the scheduled starting time. Please consult the EPO website (www.epo.org) for any details concerning the new building in The Hague.