OJ EPO 2009, 238 - Notice from the European Patent Office dated 30 March 2009 on setting up and cancelling automatic debit orders via Online Fee Payment

Introduced in July 2007, the payment plan function offers users of Online Fee Payment an overview of all the applications to which the automatic debiting procedure applies.

Users now have the added option within the payment plan of setting up and cancelling automatic debit orders online.

To set up an order, the user enters the application number. Once the order has been transmitted to the EPO, the user receives on-screen confirmation in PDF format. If no confirmation appears, the debit order is regarded as not received and the payment is regarded as not made.

To cancel a debit order for one or more applications, the user selects the relevant application number(s) in the list displayed in the payment plan. If the cancellation is received by the EPO, the user receives on-screen confirmation in PDF format. Please note that the EPO will continue to issue official written notification of cancellation of the automatic debit order.

Users can print out and save the PDF- format confirmation of receipt of automatic debit orders set up or cancelled via Online Fee Payment.

For related legal information including information on Online Fee Payment please consult the Arrangements for deposit accounts (ADA) (supplement to OJ EPO 3/2009).

For additional information on Online Fee Payment, please see "Products and services" "Online Fee Payment" at www.epoline.org.

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