GL A X 9.2.3 Reduction of the examination fee

Applicants eligible for the fee reduction will be allowed a reduction in the examination fee if the request for examination is filed in an admissible non-EPO language. EPO Forms 1001 (Request for grant of a European patent) and 1200 (Entry into the European phase) contain pre-printed boxes where the request for examination in an admissible non-EPO language and the declaration under Rule 6(6) can be entered. In these cases, the filing of a translation of the request is not necessary, since the written request for examination in the three EPO official languages is pre-crossed in the same forms. Wordings for the request-for-examination in the admissible non-EPO languages are listed on the EPO website. Subsequent documents related to examination proceedings need not be filed in the admissible non-EPO language.[Art. 14(4); Rule 6; ]
If the conditions for the reduction of the examination fee where the EPO has drawn up the international preliminary examination report are also fulfilled, see A‑X, 9.3.2.

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