GL A VIII 1.2 Representation by a professional representative ; list of professional representatives


Representation of natural or legal persons in proceedings before the EPO may only be undertaken by professional representatives whose names appear on a list maintained for this purpose by the EPO. See, however, also A‑VIII, 1.5. The Legal Division has sole responsibility for entries in and deletions from the list of professional representatives (see Decision of the President of the EPO dated 21 November 2013, OJ EPO 2013, 600). A group of professional representatives registered with the EPO under the name of an association may be appointed collectively to represent a party under that name (see OJ EPO 2013, 535). In such a case, each member of the association may perform procedural acts on behalf of the party, while correspondence from the EPO, according to Rule 130, is addressed to the association rather than one particular member. Parties are recommended to clearly specify whether they wish to appoint the association or an individual representative belonging to that association (see also A‑VIII, 1.7).[Art. 134(1); ]

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