OJ EPO 2017, A58 - Vacancy notice for the post of President of the European Patent Office

The post of President of the European Patent Office falls vacant on 1 July 2018.

The President manages the Office, under powers laid down in the European Patent Convention (Article 10 EPC). The official languages of the European Patent Office are English, French and German.

Candidates must have a diploma of completed studies at university level and proven high-level management experience. Their past career in the private or public sector must give evidence of:

  • in-depth understanding of the needs of an international organisation
  • thorough knowledge and proven practical application of modern management methods, including an outstanding ability to establish and foster social dialogue
  • a genuine aptitude for communication, negotiating skills and the ability to make their opinions count
  • an excellent command of at least one of the official languages.

Practical experience in patent matters, in-depth understanding of the patent system and knowledge of the European Patent Organisation would be an advantage.

The complete application files of the candidates must be sent to the Council Secretariat[ 1 ] to arrive by 14 September 2017 (date of receipt by the Secretariat). They must be submitted in one of the Organisation's official languages. They must include a curriculum vitae showing nationality of at least one contracting state, official confirmation of that state's support, and a letter of motivation. The submission of any further items with a view to clarifying and supporting the application is at the candidate's discretion.

The appointment will be made by the Administrative Council, in a decision taken under Article 11(1) EPC (the applicable majority being three-quarters of the votes of the contracting states represented and voting, in accordance with Article 35(2) EPC). External professional advice may be used in the evaluation process.

The term of office is five years, starting on 1 July 2018, and it may be renewed. The conditions of contract are subject to negotiation between the successful candidate and the Chairman of the Administrative Council, within a framework (model contract) set by the Council.



[ 1 ] Address:
Council Secretariat
- Reference P2018 -
Isar building / Room 1041
European Patent Organisation
80298 Munich
Email: council@epo.org

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