OJ EPO 2017, A51 - AL Albania

Change of name and address

The Albanian General Directorate for Patents and Trademarks has changed its name to General Directorate of Industrial Property. The address has also changed, while the other contact details remain the same:

Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Pronësisë Industriale

General Directorate of Industrial Property (GDIP)

Bulevardi "Zhan D'Ark"

Prona Nr. 33

Shtëpia e Ushtarakëve


Tel. +355 4 22 34 412

Fax +355 4 22 34 412



EPO information brochure "National law relating to the EPC"

Users of this brochure (17th edition) should amend the address details in Tables I and II accordingly.