OJ EPO 2017, A105 - National law relating to the EPC: 18th edition

The information brochure "National law relating to the EPC" has been revised in agreement with the EPC contracting states and the validation and extension states. The 18th edition of this brochure (October 2017) is available only online as a printable PDF file on the EPO website.

This new edition includes, for the first time, information on the validation states (Morocco and the Republic of Moldova). Information will be added for any new countries as and when validation agreements with them are concluded.

Publication of this new edition of the brochure is an opportunity to announce that an almost complete collection of previous editions is now available in PDF format on the EPO website (see Archive).

The HTML version of this brochure is also routinely updated whenever the EPO learns of any changes at national level (www.epo.org/law-practice/legal-texts/national-law.html).

The HTML version has likewise been expanded to include the new information on the validation states. Information can now be displayed in parallel for up to three states from either the group of 38 contracting states or the group of 12 other states (i.e. the two validation states, the two extension states and the eight former extension states).