OJ EPO SE 4/2016, p320 - Recommendation on the use of titles by professional representatives before the European Patent Office

OJ EPO 1979, 452

During its 7th meeting, held at Munich from 27 to 30 November 1979, the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation adopted the following recommendation:

1. Persons entered on the list of professional representative should be able to use the following titles in the Contracting States:

Europäischer Patentvertreter

European Patent Attorney

Mandataire en brevets européens.

2. These persons should not be able to use the words “European”, “européen” or “Europäisch”, in conjunction with any title legally protected in any Contracting State.

3. To the extent that these persons can use a national title in a Contracting State, they should also be able to use that title in another Contracting State, provided it does not give rise to confusion with a title protected in that State. Such confusion should not arise particularly in the case of any title mentioned in paragraph 1 or of any national title used in conjunction with an indication of the State to which it pertains.