OJ EPO 2016, A37 - ES Spain

Payment of fees

The Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) has informed us that the methods of payment for renewal fees and other fees concerning European patents in Spain have changed as follows:

Methods of payment

(a) Online, via the OEPM website:

(a.1) Debit to a client account at CAIXABANK.

(a.2) Debit to a client account at any bank associated with the Spanish Tax Administration (AEAT) (digital certificate required).

(b) Cash payment in person at any CAIXABANK branch (forms generated from the OEPM website are needed).

More details at www.oepm.es/en/Formas_de_pago.html

(c) Only if the payer cannot pay by method (a) or (b):

Bank transfer to the OEPM account at CAIXABANK

ES22 2100 5038 3102 0000 1807

After making the transfer, an e-mail must be sent to pagos.transferencias@oepm.es in order to receive further instructions.

Date considered as the effective payment date

(a.1) and (a.2): Date of payment via the OEPM website.

(b) Date of payment at a CAIXABANK branch.

(c) Date payment is credited to the OEPM account and the payment details are provided.

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