OJ EPO SE 3/2015, p75 - Appendix to Annex B

DTD[ 1 ] for creating the XML[ 2 ] file for batch payments


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
* EPO-batch-payment v1.0 DECEMBER 2004  
* Contacts:  
* Leo Sarasua; lsarasua@epo.org  
* Arie van Bart: avanbart@epo.org  
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    <!DOCTYPE EPO-batch-payment [

    <!ELEMENT EPO-batch-payment (header,detail,trailer) >

    <!ATTLIST EPO-batch-payment
    dtd-version CDATA #REQUIRED
    date-produced CDATA #REQUIRED

    <!ELEMENT header (sender,send-date,mode-of-payment,payment-reference-id?,
    receipt-request*) >

    <!--User Name-->
    <!ELEMENT sender (name,registered-number?) >

    <!ELEMENT name (#PCDATA) >
    <!ATTLIST name
    name-type (legal | natural) #IMPLIED >

    <!--registered, customer number,
    Use for APPR and FREP-->
    <!ELEMENT registered-number (#PCDATA) >

    <!--Date on which payment request is sent. Format YYYYMMDD.-->
    <!ELEMENT send-date (#PCDATA) >

    <!ELEMENT mode-of-payment (account-no?) >

    <!ATTLIST mode-of-payment
    payment-type (charge | deposit) #REQUIRED
    currency CDATA #IMPLIED >

    <!--deposit account number-->
    <!ELEMENT account-no (#PCDATA) >

    <!--Applicant's or agent's payment reference. 12 characters maximum.-->
    <!ELEMENT payment-reference-id (#PCDATA) >



<!--Receipt of the payment requested by user.
Possible attribute values:
E: electronic receipt; (default)
P: paper receipt, specifying debited fees;
O: other possible form of receipt;-->
<!ELEMENT receipt-request (#PCDATA) >

<!ATTLIST receipt-request
receipt-code (E | P | O) #IMPLIED >

<!--One record for each of the payments being made.-->
<!ELEMENT detail (fees+) >

<!ELEMENT fees (document-id,file-reference-id?,owner*,fee+) >

<!--Document identification refers to patents and patent
applications only. See WIPO ST.14.
In the case of EPO-batch-payment this must always be the application number.-->
<!ELEMENT document-id (country,doc-number,kind?,name?,date?) >

<!ATTLIST document-id

<!--Country: use ST.3 country code, e.g. DE, FR, GB, NL, etc.
Also includes EP, WO-->
<!ELEMENT country (#PCDATA) >

<!ELEMENT doc-number (#PCDATA) >

<!ELEMENT kind (#PCDATA) >

<!--Document Date. Format YYYYMMDD -->
<!ELEMENT date (#PCDATA) >

<!--Applicant's or agent's file reference. 12 characters maximum.-->
<!ELEMENT file-reference-id (#PCDATA) >

<!--Owner or applicant (reference number).-->
<!ELEMENT owner (#PCDATA) >
<!--A fee (or payment) record.-->
<!ELEMENT fee (type-of-fee,fee-sub-amount,fee-factor,fee-reduction*,
fee-total-amount,country*) >

currency CDATA #IMPLIED >

<!--A code that describes the payment being made.-->
<!ELEMENT type-of-fee (#PCDATA) >

<!--Unitary value of the fee.-->
<!ELEMENT fee-sub-amount (#PCDATA) >

<!--How many times is the fee applied. Default value = 1-->
<!ELEMENT fee-factor (#PCDATA) >

<!--Any possible reductions applicable to this fee.-->
<!ELEMENT fee-reduction (#PCDATA) >

<!ATTLIST fee-reduction
reduction-code CDATA #IMPLIED >

<!--The total amount to be paid for this fee.
fee-total-amount = fee-sub-amount * fee-factor - sum(reductions)-->
<!ELEMENT fee-total-amount (#PCDATA) >

<!ELEMENT trailer (mode-of-payment?,batch-pay-total-amount+,total-records) >

<!--The sum of all fees for this transaction-->
<!ELEMENT batch-pay-total-amount (#PCDATA) >

<!ATTLIST batch-pay-total-amount
currency CDATA #REQUIRED >

<!--Total number of records (=applications) to be debited in the batch.-->
<!ELEMENT total-records (#PCDATA) >




[ 1 ] Document Type Definition.

[ 2 ] EXtensible Markup Language.