OJ EPO 2014, A78 - N O Norway

New fee rates

The Norwegian Industrial Property Office has informed us that the fee for each page of translations in excess of 14 has been changed[ 1 ].

Applicants for and proprietors of European patents with effect in Norway are advised that from 16 May 2014 the following rates apply for the correction of translations of the claims under Article 67(3) EPC and the publication or correction of translations of European patent specifications under Article 65 EPC:

NOK 1 200 plus NOK 250 for each full or part page of the translation (including any drawings) in excess of 14

EPO information brochure "National law relating to the EPC"

Users of this brochure (16th edition) should amend Tables III.B, column 6, and IV, columns 5 and 8, accordingly.



[ 1 ] Forskrift om avgifter til Patentstyret av 26. mars 2014 nr. 333 (www.lovdata.no, I 2014 hefte 4).