OJ EPO 2014, A59 - Supplementary publication 5, OJ EPO 2014 - "EPO Board of Appeal Case Law 2012 and 2013"

This publication reports on the boards' work in 2012 and 2013, and gives various statistics. In particular, it reviews the decisions handed down by the boards last year on both substantive patent law and procedural issues.

The supplementary publication supplements and updates the book entitled "Case Law of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office"[ 1 ].

Supplementary publication 5, OJ EPO 2014 "EPO Board of Appeal Case Law 2012 and 2013" will be published in June 2014, and can be ordered (price: EUR 64) from the EPO's Vienna sub-office or online at https://secure.epo.org/products/oj/index.en.php.


[ 1 ] The revised and expanded seventh edition was published in September 2013. It takes account of decisions made available in writing by the end of December 2012, as well as a number of particularly important ones from the first months of 2013. The 7th (2013) edition costs EUR 78 and can be ordered from the EPO website: https://forms.epo.org/service-support/ordering/books-order-form.html.