OJ EPO 2013, 444 - Notice from the EPO about the improved new online edition of its Official Journal

From January 2014, the EPO's Official Journal will be available online in thoroughly revised form. It will provide the same information, but will be better structured, continuously updated and more user-friendly. In particular, it will offer improved and easier access to the information. When the new online OJ comes in, as from 1 January 2014, the hard-copy edition will be discontinued.

OJ information will then be available only via the EPO website (www.epo.org) in HTML and PDF. The EPO's online OJ service will remain free of charge.

The online edition of the OJ will employ the latest technology, taking account of the results of the 2013 user survey. It will thus continue to appear in all three official languages, but will be even more up-to-date. At month's end, the EPO will produce a monthly issue which can be downloaded as a signed PDF and printed as required.

OJ special editions and supplements, such as the "Schedule of fees and expenses", "EPO board of appeal case law" and "Information from the boards of appeal" will still be available in hard- copy form from the EPO's Vienna sub- office or online at https://forms.epo.org/ service-support/ordering/oj-order-form. html. Information about the EPO's euro accounts will in future be available only on the website, under "Making payments" (www.epo.org/applying/ forms-fees/payment.html#accounts).

10/2013Amtsblatt EPAOfficial Journal EPOJournal officiel OEBMore information about the improved online OJ will be published on the EPO website in due course (www.epo.org/ official-journal).

In addition, the final hard-copy issue (for December 2013) will include an information sheet about the technical changes.

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