OJ EPO 2012, 643 - Notice from the European Patent Office concerning the web-based user consultation platform

The European Patent Office has been providing a web-based consultation platform at www.epo.org/law-practice/ consultation.html since 2011.

This tool facilitates, by means of surveys, the early involvement of the users of the patent system in the law-making process of the European Patent Organisation. The Office posts here preliminary drafts for proposed amendments to European patent law and practice, such as major changes to the Implementing Regula- tions to the EPC, to the Rules relating to Fees or to examination practice.

You are also invited to sign up for our free e-mail service alerting you to new surveys at forms.epo.org/law-practice/consultation/ alert-form.html.

You are very welcome to take part in these surveys, and to send any comments to userconsultations@epo.org. The EPO will carefully analyse all responses.

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