GL H IV 3.6 Conflicts between Art. 123(2) and Art. 123(3)

A possible conflict between the requirements of Art. 123(2) and (3) may occur where, in the procedure before grant, a feature was added to the application which is considered unallowable under Art. 123(2) in opposition proceedings. In that case, Art. 123(2) would require deletion of such a feature whereas Art. 123(3) would not allow deletion, as this would extend the protection conferred by the patent as granted. In such a case the patent will have to be revoked under Art. 100(c). However, where this feature can be replaced by a feature for which there is a basis in the application as filed and which does not extend the protection conferred by the patent as granted, maintenance in this amended form can be allowed. If the added feature, without providing a technical contribution to the subject-matter of the claimed invention, merely limits the protection conferred by the patent as granted by excluding protection for part of the subject-matter of the claimed invention as covered by the application as filed, this feature may be maintained (see G 1/93). The technical significance of a feature in a claim is governed by its contribution to the technical definition of the claimed subject-matter, and that contribution is to be assessed by the skilled person in the light of the original disclosure (see T 518/99).

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