GL G I 2 Further requirements of an invention

In addition to these four requirements, an invention must fulfil the following:
(i)the invention must be such that it can be carried out by a person skilled in the art (after proper instruction by the application); this follows from Art. 83. Instances where the invention fails to satisfy this requirement are given in F‑III, 3; and[Art. 83; ]
(ii)the invention must be of "technical character" to the extent that it must relate to a technical field (Rule 42(1)(a) – see F‑II, 4.2), must be concerned with a technical problem (Rule 42(1)(c) – see F‑II, 4.5) and must have technical features in terms of which the matter for which protection is sought can be defined in the claim (Rule 43(1) – see F‑IV, 2.1).[Rule 42(1)(a); (c); Rule 43(1); ]

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