GL E II 2.4 Electronic notification

Where a user has agreed to receive communications electronically, the electronic document is deemed to be delivered to the addressee on the tenth day after its transmission unless it has failed to reach its destination or has reached it at a later date.[Rule 127; ]
Currently, notification may occur in electronic form to an activated Mailbox. Electronic notification comprises the decisions, summonses, notices and communications contained in a list published on the EPO website. For the Mailbox service, the date of transmission is the date indicated on the document, provided that the addressee has access to it in the Mailbox by that date. For further details, see the Decision of the President of the EPO dated 11 March 2015 concerning the pilot project to introduce new means of electronic communication in EPO proceedings (OJ EPO 2015, A28) and the Notice from the EPO dated 30 March 2015 (OJ EPO 2015, A36).
In the event that further means are introduced for electronic notification, the conditions and details will follow from the decisions governing the use of such means.

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