CLR IV B 2.6.5 communication under Rule 71(3) EPC: the consent of the examining division

If the examining division gives its consent under R. 137(3) EPC to these amendments and/or the correction and considers them allowable without issuing a further communication under Art. 94(3) EPC, it issues a second communication under R. 71(3) EPC based on the amended/corrected text, after which it then proceeds to the grant of the patent pursuant to Art. 97(1) EPC (see below in this chapter IV.B.3.1 "R. 71(3) EPC communication: the text for approval"). Where amendments or corrections are not admitted, or where they are admitted but not considered allowable, examination will be resumed (Guidelines H‑II, 2.5.3 – November 2015 version).

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