CLR GUIDE 2 Citations

(a) The articles and rules of the EPC referred to are in the version valid at the time the decision was given.

(b) The text of the EPC as revised in 2000 and which entered into force in 2007 is cited without the attribute "2000". The text valid before that is cited as "EPC 1973".

(c) The Official Journal of the EPO is cited as OJ, followed by the year of publication and page number for publication prior to 2014 (eg OJ 2000, 322) and as OJ, followed by the year of publication and article for publication as of 2014 (eg OJ 2015, A102).

(d) If a decision of a board of appeal has been published in the OJ the reference is given.

If a decision has not been published in the OJ, normally only the case number is cited.

In the table of cases, the bibliographic data of all cited decisions (ie reference number, the board which took the decision, the date of the decision, and – where applicable – the citation in the OJ) are listed.

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