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For those studying for the EQE, I have made a “paper dump” of selected cross-referenced PCT related content from this website: XPCT.

Click here to download the PDF of XPCT v1.0 (29.11.2012) [beware: 4 MB, 674 pages!]

- Cross-referenced PCT Articles and Rules (retrieved April 2012)
- PCT Applicant’s Guide International Phase / National Phase (selected chapters) (retrieved April 2012)
- EPO Guide for Applicants Part II, International Route (retrieved October 2012)
- EPO Guidelines for Examination (only paragraphs that directly reference PCT articles or rules) (retrieved October 2012)

Be aware that this is not an official source of PCT or EPO information, and it may contain errors or omissions. Use this collection at your own risk!

If you find any errors or omissions, or if you have a suggestion for improvements: drop me a line at . I will update this page if needed, so check back a few times if you intend to seriously use the XPCT document.