R.86 PCT The Gazette

86.1       Contents

The Gazette referred to in Article 55(4) shall contain:

(i)  for each published international application, the data specified by the Administrative Instructions taken from the front page of the publication of the international application, the drawing (if any) appearing on the said front page, and the abstract;

(ii)  the schedule of all fees payable to the receiving Offices, the International Bureau, and the International Searching and Preliminary Examining Authorities;

(iii)  notices the publication of which is required under the Treaty or these Regulations;

(iv)  information, if and to the extent furnished to the International Bureau by the designated or elected Offices, on the question whether the requirements provided for in Articles 22 or 39 have been complied with in respect of the international applications designating or electing the Office concerned;

(v)  any other useful information prescribed by the Administrative Instructions, provided access to such information is not prohibited under the Treaty or these Regulations.

86.2       Languages; Form and Means of Publication; Timing

(a)  The Gazette shall be published in English and French at the same time. The translations shall be ensured by the International Bureau in English and French.

(b)  The Assembly may order the publication of the Gazette in languages other than those referred to in paragraph (a).

(c)  The form in which and the means by which the Gazette is published shall be governed by the Administrative Instructions.

(d)  The International Bureau shall ensure that, for each published international application, the information referred to in Rule 86.1(i) is published in the Gazette on, or as soon as possible after, the date of publication of the international application.

86.3       Frequency

The frequency of publication of the Gazette shall be determined by the Director General.

86.4       Sale

The subscription and other sale prices of the Gazette shall be determined by the Director General.

86.5       Title

The title of the Gazette shall be determined by the Director General.

86.6       Further Details

Further details concerning the Gazette may be provided for in the Administrative Instructions.

Source: http://www.wipo.int/pct/en/texts/rules/r86.htm

Date retrieved: 02 November 2015

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