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November 3: update of all entries, now includes 2015 Guidelines for Examination and the newly added Guidelines for EPO as PCT Authority
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Previous updates:
Update October 23, 2015: Update of all entries
Update November 8, 2014: Update of all entries - now also includes 1-11-2014 EPO revisions (e.g. revised R. 164 EPC, Guidelines for Examination)
Update October 9, 2014: Update of all entries - now also includes 2014 edition of Guidelines
Update May 21, 2014: Update of most entries - now also includes HTML version of OJ (since 2014)
Update October 30, 2013: Complete update of all entries - upgrade to 7th (2013) edition of Case Law book
Update May 4, 2013: Added PCT Practical Advices (2008-2013)
Update April 27, 2013: Added Official Journal items (2008-3/2013)
Update April 19, 2013: Complete refresh of all database entries. All items are now as online on EPO, WIPO websites on April 18, 2012
Update December 4, 2012: Added XPCT "paper dump": see the Downloads section
Update October 1, 2012: Added the updated EPO Guide for Applicants
Update June 20, 2012: Added the June 2012 Guidelines for Examination