OJ EPO SE 4/2016, p289 - Notice of the Vice-President, Directorate-General 5 of the European Patent Office dated 5 July 1990 concerning correspondence with the Legal Division

OJ EPO 1990, 404

1. The Legal Division[ 1 ],[ 2 ] takes all EPO decisions concerning the entry and deletion of certain data in the Registers of Representatives and the Register of Patents (OJ EPO 1989, 177). For the Register of Patents this involves:

(a) Procedure where the applicant or proprietor is not entitled (Articles 61(1) (a) and 99 (5), Rules 13, 14 and 16 EPC).[ 3 ]

(b) Interruption of proceedings in the event of death, legal incapacity or bankruptcy, and resumption of proceedings (Rule 90 EPC).[ 4 ]

(c) Registration and cancellation of licences and other rights (Articles 71, 73 and 74, Rules 21 and 22 EPC).[ 5 ]

2. From 1 September 1990 the Legal Division will have its own dossiers and file numbers for its Register of Patents work. These file numbers will be composed of the word "LEGAL", the relevant EPC provision (e.g. R 90), a serial number (e.g. 2) and the year (e.g. 89), i.e. in this example:
LEGAL R 90-2/89.

Parties are asked to address requests and communications relating to procedures under point 1 (a) to (c) above direct to the Legal Division in Munich, and to conduct with it all ensuing correspondence as well, quoting the LEGAL file number rather than the application or patent number. This will greatly simplify and speed up matters.

3. The DG 1 and DG 2 dossiers affected will be updated as proceedings before the Legal Division unfold. Requests for registration of transfers of rights or changes of name, or for correction of designation of inventor, should continue to be addressed to DG 1 or DG 2.



[ 1 ] [The Legal Division's duties are performed by Directorate 5.1.1 (Representation and Register of Patents) in Munich.]

[ 2 ] Today, the Legal Division's duties are performed by Directorate 5.2.3 "Legal and Unitary Patent Division" in Munich.

[ 3 ]Article 61, 99(4); Rule 14 - 16, 18, 78 EPÜ 2000.

[ 4 ]Rule 142 EPC 2000.

[ 5 ]Rule 23, 24 EPC 2000.